Immigration Services

American Technology Consulting (ATC) is dedicated to helping our employees through the complicated array of rules and regulations with the U.S Immigration Services. At American Technology Consulting (ATC) we provide candidates who are currently on a H1B visa and looking for an employer who can support them at all time with regards to immigration as well as amazing jobs opportunities anywhere within the United States. We have 100's of It consultants nationwide and steadily growing.

Work Visa Sponsorship

American Technology Consultants sponsor H1b work visa’s and H1b visa transfers for qualified individuals. ATC will help answer questions with regards to H1b work visa requirements. American Technology Consultants take time to explain the process and stages involved in getting a H1b work permit visa and H1b visa transfer or other work permits depending on the origin of the prospective employees to our prospective and current employees.

1] New H1’s
At American Technology Consultants we sponsor new H1B work permit visa’s for prospective employees who are subject to the cap depending on our client needs and requirements.

2] H1B Transfer
At American Technology Consultants we help with H1b visa transfers from other employers to ATC. Our IT consulting team of experts and lawyers will help make this process very clear and transparent to our prospective and current employees.

3] LCA’s & Amendments
American Technology Consultants policy is to make sure all LCA’s and Amendments are filed on time and we will provide copies to our employees. Our lawyers work diligently towards providing the best staffing service to our employees and cover all possible gaps with respect to visa rules and regulations.

4] OPT visa
At American Technology Consultanting we sponsor H1B work visa’s for eligible OPT and CPT candidates provided their experience match our client needs.

Green Card Sponsorship

At ATC we are determined to make sure we retain our employees for Client projects. American Technology Consulting is willing to sponsor green card sponsorship for eligible current and future employees.

1] Category filing
The green card category is usually dependent on the qualification of the employees; most of the Green cards are filed under Eb2 Category. In some case, due to lack of certain eligibility requirements we file Green cards under Eb3 category.

2] Continuous Lawyer assistance
Our Lawyers work very hard to make sure they carefully review every green card application eligibility requirements for each employee and walk them through the various stages of the green card sponsorship process.

How Can We Help?
At American Technology Consulting LLC (ATC) we are willing to sponsor green cards for highly skilled and prospective employees who qualify for ATC's job requirements. If you have further questions or would like to talk to our sales team please contacts us at

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