H1B Visa Transfer

American Technology Consulting (ATC) is dedicated to helping our employees walk through the complicated array of rules and regulations within the U.S. Immigration Services. At ATC, we provide candidates who are currently on an H1B Visa and looking for an employer who can support them with amazing jobs opportunities anywhere within the United States. We have hundreds of IT consultants nationwide and are steadily growing.

H1B Visa Transfer

If you are working in the United States on a H1B Visa, at an awesome job with flexibility and looking to transfer your H1B Visa to a reliable employer, then you have just struck GOLD. Welcome to American Technology Consulting (ATC). We can make this dream a reality in a matter of weeks. We understand that there might be an overload of information on the internet about H1B Visa transfers, so we thought it might be a good idea to get you the most accurate info about the H1B Visa transfer process.

Steps Involved to do a H1B Visa transfer:
1. Upon acceptance of employment with ATC after a successful final round of interviews for a specific project and client, we will initiate an LCA (Labor Condition Application) with the USDOL for the actual location of work.
2. The LCA process takes 7 (Seven) days; during this period we obtain documents from you to initiate your H1B Petition with the USCIS. We will send the completed H1B Visa Petition package to USCIS immediately upon approval of the LCA, via over-night delivery.
3. Our on-time H1B Visa filing will provide relief from any gaps in your H1B status. Our company has a good track record with the USCIS and our dedicated team of lawyers ensures that your H1B Visa transfer or H1B Visa Extension goes as expected, while complying with the laws.
4. Our documentation covers every aspect of the H1B Employer-Employee Relationship Memo, while complying with USDOL and USCIS Laws.

The video and power point links below can help you understand the H1B Visa transfer process more in detail.

H1b Transfer Process Explained from American Technology Consulting

Things you should know about an H1B transfer:
• Any person with an H1B Visa is allowed to change/transfer jobs but one must inform the USCIS of such a change in one's employment status.
• You don't need any permission from your current employer to transfer your H1B Visa and hence there is no requirement for an individual to inform his/her current employer if you are applying for a H1B Visa transfer.
• Your current employer cannot learn of your H1B Visa transfer details with your new employer through any government agencies such as the USCIS, Dept. of Labor, etc., but be wary of colleagues with whom you might have discussed your H1B transfer. They might accidentally mention it to your boss.
• There is no limit to the number of times you can apply for the H1B transfer.
• One can apply for an H1B transfer with multiple employers at the same time; we would not recommend this but we just want you to know that the law allows this.
• Two or three pay stubs from your previous employer are sufficient when applying for an H1B transfer.
• An H1B Visa stamp is not required to prove you have an approved H1B Visa. While the H1B Visa stamp is used only to enter into United States, H1B status is required to work in U.S. for the petitioning employer(s).
• If you have received an H1B approval from your new employer (or even a receipt of H1B filing for a new employer), you can work in the U.S. legally with an H1B for your new employer.
• If you travel outside U.S., and your H1B Visa stamp (even if from a previous employer) is still not expired and valid, you can use that H1B Visa stamp along with the H1B petition from your new employer to travel back into U.S. However, if your H1B Visa stamp has expired (either from previous or current employer), you must get your H1B Visa stamped on your passport with the new employer before you can travel to United States again.

Why H1B Consultants are moving to ATC?
• We keep everything Transparent - Period. We do not hold back any receipt numbers or H1B approval notices at any point of time.
• We are experts in performing a smooth and worry free H1B Transfer Process and do not charge our prospective employees a fee for H1B Visa transfer which, is illegal in the U.S.
• We always comply with USCIS, USDOL, H1B Visa regulations and H1B Visa amendments without cutting any corners.
• We have over seven years of experience when it comes to H1B Visas and other employment related visas and always work with reputed lawyers to represent us.
• We always honor the H1B Employer-Employee Relationship and comply with all USCIS and USDOL regulations.
• We maintain a Public Access File for each employee and conduct internal audits on our H1B documentation from time to time.

Why should I transfer my H1B Visa to ATC?
• We have the most talented team of experienced technical recruiters, an aggressive marketing team and influential account managers who can help find you the best project-fit within a short amount of time.
• We have done the same for clients all over the country, so we can place candidates on a client project in a very short time.
• We use the power of Social Media to attract clients to our vast talent pool of qualified IT consultants.
• Recommendations and Referrals from employees are key factors to our growth.
• We are always there for our employees; we answer all our phone calls and emails within a reasonable time frame, regardless of the nature of the request. We believe that every problem has a solution but communication is the key to solving any problem.
• We initiate employment-based Green Card Processes for eligible employees by complying with USDOL and USCIS regulation almost from the first day of your employment.
• We offer bi-weekly payroll processing via direct deposit provided to our employees - you will never have to wait for your pay check or pay stubs. We guarantee it.

What about H1B Visa Stamping?

We are experienced in providing proper documentation as required by the U.S. Consulates for H1B Visa Stamping. We do everything in our power to ensure that you get all the help and documentation for your H1B Visa stamping interview before your re-entry into the United States. If you already have a valid H1B Stamp on your passport from your previous employer, you don't have to get a new visa stamp when your H1B is transferred to ATC. You can also read our blog on H1B Visa stamping.

H1B Transfer Documents Checklist
• Passports, All Pages
• Photo ID/Driver’s License
• Latest I-94 (front and back)
• Degree Certificate and Transcripts
• Copies of all H1Bs held, including copies of all I-129 Forms
• Educational Evaluation (Foreign Equivalency)*
• Entry and Exit Details (H1B)*
• Experience/Reference Letters
• Resume
• Last Three Pay statements*
• Social Security Card Copy

How Can We Help?
At American Technology Consulting LLC (ATC) we are willing to sponsor green cards for highly skilled and prospective employees who qualify for ATC's job requirements. If you have further questions or would like to talk to our sales team please contacts us at

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