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The number of consultants placed.

If you have H1B or OPT candidates, with or without a project, send them our way!

Apply here if you are interested in our affiliate or franchise program.

ATC's Affiliate Program offers IT Recruiters a Higher Annual Income Opportunity!


The income per placement that ATC's Affiliate Program offers is the perfect way to generate additional monthly income.


The number of clients we have worked with.


The number of completed projects to-date.

Step 1 - Become an ATC Affiliate

Apply below to start the first step to become an ATC Affiliate.

Step 2 - Share Your Candidates

Just send your H-1B visa or OPT candidates our way. Upon successfully placing your referrals, you will receive a monthly commission for 12 months from the candidate's start date.

Step 3 - Enjoy Earnings

Plus, there are no sales targets or quotas to meet. Our Affiliate Program allows YOU to determine just how successful YOU want to be.

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